Min-On Culture Center

Min-On Culture Center

Admission : Open to the public (purchase of admission ticket required)

Opening Hours : Open Tuesday-Saturday (11:00-16:00)
Open Sunday and holidays 10:00-17:00; closed Mondays*

Closed Days : *Closed Tuesday if a Monday falls on a national holiday
*Facility closed without prior notice due to commemorative events or inclement weather.

Min-On Website https://museum.min-on.or.jp/

Min-On Music MuseumIkeda Sensei founded the Min-On Concert Association in 1963, with the Min-On Culture Center opening in 1997. Located on the second floor is one of the few museums in the world dedicated to music, with more than 300,000 music-related collectibles to exhibit. Special exhibitions are held three to four times a year.

Self-Playing Musical Devices Exhibition

Self-Playing Musical Devices Exhibition

Pianolas, music boxes and other self-playing devices from over a century ago to the present are on display here. Among the devices—which were first created some 220 years ago—is a phonograph invented by Thomas Edison and a pianolo that Leo Tolstoy is said to have enjoyed, capable of playing more than 1,000 musical compositions on paper rolls.

Antique Piano Room

Antique Piano Room

A broad collection of pianos and harpsichords from the 16th to 20th century are on display here, including a type favored by Mozart that was built in 1793. Staff pianists play select instruments at designated times during the day for your listening pleasure.

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